Our listings come directly from a Data File that contains current compiled telephone directory data from the white, yellow, and professional sections of over 4,500 US phone directories. The Data File is regularly processed through a national disconnect service to remove working numbers that are no longer active. The data has been cleansed using USPS standardization; NCOA processing, area code correction, and Geographical Data Technology (GDT), latitude and longitude coordinates are also applied to help identify the location of the business. The Data File is regularly updated to include Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) listings that are public, but not yet published.

The Data File’s business data is compiled from both white and yellow page listings from the telephone directories. This provides you with the most comprehensive representation of businesses in the US. White page compilation makes it possible to identify the approximately 20% of US businesses that do not advertise in the yellow pages. The business data also contains caption/department information from the white pages. Additional information in the business data include yellow page headings based upon SIC Code, type of ad that appears in the yellow pages, the size of the ad in the yellow pages, whether a business gives free estimates, appointments or consultation, the hours and times a particular business is open, and foreign listings.