Features Include:

ePageMaster is a comprehensive software package developed specifically for publishing of Yellow Pages and White Pages Phone Directories. It incorporates fully automatic pagination of Yellow / White Pages, powerful and flexible tools for manual editing of a paginated book, customer database management, accounting, reporting and much more. Our pagination software is extremely easy to learn and use. The intuitive user interface almost guides a user through the entire business cycle; from entering a new customer in to the free listings to automatically paginating the book. Completed book can be saved either in PS, EPS or PDF file formats. ePageMaster is written entirely in C++ and it uses Microsoft’s SQL Server as a database engine, giving the software speed, power and reliability. Over 15,000 man/hours have been invested so far in to the project. We believe that software is a dynamic product and has to be constantly improved and upgraded in order to stay up to date with the latest technological advancement in the computing field. As a software development company, it is our goal to continuously improve our technologies so that we can provide best possible quality of products and services to our customers at a lowest possible price.


But what really sets ePageMaster apart from our competitors is that we offer a “custom software solution” and not a “shrink wrapped” product. On a contrary to the “shrink wrapped” product, a publisher does not need to change his business process to fit “off-the-shelf” software. We assign a project manager to communicate with the publisher, gather and analyze business requirements and supervise development and implementation of the required modifications to our core technology for the best fit with publisher’s specific needs.

Quickly create fully paginated pages ready for final print, film, digital transfer or direct-to-plate output.



Think about it. How far in advance are you closing off sales canvass before the book closes for pre-pagination, weeks maybe months. With our pagination software, you now can continue to keep your sales force out there for few extra weeks. Our layout software with all data imported into the system can paginate a complete directory in just a matter of minutes instead of days and weeks or in some cases months. The value should be very clear, added selling time by one week can be the difference in making or breaking a book goal. Not to mention the savings on actual time for manually laying out every ad and every filler. Human errors, is reduced to a minimum less hands on and more time to proofing and editing. Let's face it sometimes human errors unfounded can be the most costly.



The pagination software allows you design a blueprint to match your project. Page size, inner and outer margins, space between listing, and ad sizes are fully and easily adjustable. Ad layouts are organized alphabetically, by size, by seniority, or manually. Everything with the directory will auto-flow though-out the balance of the directory. Plus the convenience of having it compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista.


 Features Include:

      *  Automatic placement of display  ads in sequence by seniority.

     *  Total control of all listing and heading elements.

Preview is specified in an easy-to-use interface.

Fully integrated for PC

100% Complete Auto Pagination.

      *  AUTOMATIC:

                   *  Anchor Resolution
                   *  Tell-Tale Resolution
                   *  Page Numbering
                   *  Column Justification
                   *  Placement of ads